Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I'm having a coffee at the moment and wondering what to do first. I tried a bit of needle felting this afternoon which was going well until I snapped the needle. It was mum's as well so I've just bought her a new one and I now have a half finished needle felted picture. I was thinking that perhaps I would leave it half felted and finish the rest of it off with some free machine stitching on my new sewing machine....yay!!! Not sure how successful it will be mind you because I've done very little free machining before now. I'll have a go anyway and post a pic of the finished result. Try not to laugh :-) It might even end up looking quite good but we'll see.
Mum and I are also getting ready to change the window theme to Easter so we need to start making lots of Easter things. That'll be fun.

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