Wednesday, 15 April 2009

This is the inside of the box. I was gojng for a jewel look inside. This picture dosen't quite show the sparkle effect that the Bijoux Blends have but they catch the light in the most amazing way and give the impression of little sparkling crystals.
I used Puff Paint around the edge of the Bijoux Blends and then painted over it with some Stewart Gill Byzantia Paint which also has a jewel tone quality to it. Puff Paint is great fun to use. Just layer it on and then heat it using a heat gun to puff it up. You can add more layers on top to create a raised effects.

Decorated Paper Mache Box

This is a paper mache box that I have decorated. We've had them in the shop for quite a while and I was always looking at them and wondering how I could decorate them.
After pondering on what to do for a while I eventually decided to use various Stewart Gill Paints, Stewart Gill Poly-Glitter and
Stewart Gill Bijoux Blends. Stewart Gill paints and special effects products can be used in so many different and unusual ways and I had a lot of fun making full use of them to decorate this box.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Threads of Imagination ATC Swap

Dan (my lovely fella) and I made ATC's to go into the swap we organised in Threads of Imagination
The theme was the seaside. We got loads of people involved which was great because they all had so many wonderful and individual ideas. I only made one ATC for this swap which sounds a bit lazy but I spent so long making it look great there was no time to do anymore. I couched my ATC with some sparkly cord that I had made and then beaded into the card as well. Letting go of my ATC was a somewhat tough after putting so much effort into it but the one I swaped it for was equally fantastic. I've also swapped some ATC's on the internet which is another great way of getting ideas and inspiration from all over the world.

Busy times

I've had to take time off the internet. Work and family commitments have taken presidence over the last few weeks but I now have time to carry on with my crafting. My lovely fella has cleared out the side room in our house to make room for all my crafting bits so I now have a "space" to work. Looking forward to getting back on track. xxx